We Belong from entertainment industry specially showbiz. We are providing special news and reports published in urdu about entertainment industry. it was 2012 when we started this blog and till now it has been visited by million of people and people are fans of our posts. our site include all kind of stuff which can make you happy all the time, it include from bollywood news, hollywood news, pakistani cenima and Tv popular celebrities news, videos of latest indian movies, urdu social and romantic stories, Songs videos and other entertainment stuff.
Because geo is very popular name in pakistani small screen so that,s why we thought to select a name related to it and eye catching for viewers so we choose URDUFUN, this was indeed a great experience and we got success in it. and now people know us because of our name and quality.

this is really easy readable contents because it is published in local language and here in pakistani millions of people speak and understand writing urdu, so we thought to capture this market as they were need some stuff. we get this idea because there was not enough blogs present in this category so we thought to make a centralized and controlled blog about showbiz, in pakistan several blogs are running but they are mostly in English and if they are in urdu then they did,t update it daily but we updates our blog on daily basis and people love reading our great posts.

the story behind our blog is to provide a refreshment to viewers who read urdu and because they did,t understand English well so they were missing the entertainment world. before starting we searched on Google about kind of blogs and we got ideas from several pakistani showbiz blogs and they combine in a line to distribute the contents for you.

our background is from cinema industry so that,s why we know much about this field that will provide you enough data to entertain,our vision is to provide clear and true news and stories. meera and veena malik are famous gossips colony of pakistani media we have covered life circle of these and other controversial celebrities.
By visiting daily to our blog you can see new things everytime because we upload things that capture humans mind to read and watch specific stuff. our blog is pakistani first urdu entertainment Blog and so far we are successful in our mission to entertain urdu lovers community because everyday thousands of people visits our site and
visits our latest stuff.

the stories of our blog is very popular because we had covered all topics in it and by searching on google story for any topic, our blog will show down this is our success and once visitor come on our blog then it did,t divert to other entertainer. So this was our little introduction, hopefully you had like it and if you had any suggestions and feedback for any improvements, addition you can directly contact us
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Welcome To The Home Pakistani Entertainment Urdu News Category. In this hottest Portion You will Be Updated of All Exclusives of pakistani Showbiz Industry and Our Showbiz Superstars.
Include Gossips of Celebrities in which you will be aware of whats is going in pakistani film and Tv Drama Industry,The News that we capture are from different showbiz magazines and showbiz websites.we mostly focus on dramas, Events, and Celebrities of Tv because our film industry is not in the position to produce
films and there is not any progress in industry which come in news, So as pakistani dramas are very popular and famous thats why we are concentrating on drama and models celebrities, most popular celebrities like Fahad Mustafa, Meera, Reema, Veena Malik, Mateera The Great, Faisal Qurishi, Ayesha Khan, Ahsan Khan, Iman Ali, Shaista Wahidi, Sahir Lodhi, Hamayun Saeed, Shakeel, and others will be most Highlighted. and We will Bring latest Reviews of programs and Dramas. Apart From that we will regularly bring Interviews, star bites, scandals and Biography,s Of Famous Pakistani Superstar Models and Showbiz Related Personalities and their interests, Liking, Daily Routines, Engagements and lot more, By which You will be aware much about your favorite Celebrity. Now a days Tv channel
Morning shows are very famous like nadia khan show, fahad show, faisal, show, shaista wahidi,s etc so we will also cover news from these shows and will try to bring it in front of you.
photo shoots of actresses and actors will also be a part of this category where you will see The Looks, Styles, Dresses and Beauty of your favourite Model. In Most of newspapers there aer articles, feature and reviews about showbiz and drama which we will obviously try to cover in this part. So That Was Intro. of Our Pak Showbiz category Which Hopefully You Would Like To See. And We Are hoping that you visit daily and be aware of showbiz Events and trends, If you are using social media, then you can access us On – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Showbiz-News-in-Urdu/166650230210688. Happy and create Fun.